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Acupuncture and Nutrition
If you are looking for optimum health and energy, or simply for relief from a physical or emotional problem, acupuncture or nutritional therapy could be the solution you are looking for.

Kirsten Ward Adv. Lic. Ac. NHF Dip, MBANT, CNHC is a practitioner of Traditional Acupuncture and Nutritional Therapy. She works in Allestree and Mickleover in Derby and welcomes your enquiry.



Restoring Well-Being by Treating the Whole Person

Traditional Acupuncture

is a system of medicine which is has been used for thousands of years in the East and more recently in the West to restore health. Whether you have a pain in your back, suffer from migraines, or experience depression, Chinese Medicine considers any symptom as an imbalance in your energy flow, and redresses it through the insertion of very fine needles.


Healthy Eating for a Healthy Future

Nutritional Therapy

Diet plays a big part in most people's life and affects our health and well-being. Nutritional Therapy offers an individual assessment of your diet and general health, then devises a
programme tailored to your individual needs, which will help to put you back on the path to optimum health.