About Me

About Me - Kirsten WardAfter leaving school Kirsten worked in Edinburgh with teenagers suffering from substance abuse. During this time she visited a meditation centre, which she subsequently joined as a resident  for 2 years; teaching weaving, pottery, and meditation, and learning massage and T’ai Chi.  The path to healing was opened and eventually focussed on acupuncture, which revealed a system of medicine explaining the origin of disease clearly, simply and beautifully.


In 1984 Kirsten enrolled at the College of Traditional Acupuncture in Leamington Spa (5 Elements). She studied under the late Prof J.R. Worsley, and graduated to Licentiate Acupuncture Practitioner in 1987, followed by the graduation to Advanced Licentiate in 1991.

From 1991-93 Kirsten studied Traditional Chinese Medicine in London with the founders of The Reading College of Integrated Medicine.

Kirsten started her first acupuncture practice in Ross-on-Wye in 1986, and also worked in Newport and Chepstow in South Wales. After moving to Derbyshire she initially worked in Ashbourne, then joined the Woodland’s Natural Health Centre in 2007 and moved to The Bridge Centre of Natural Health in 2016.

In order to further her understanding of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Kirsten has studied and practiced Chi Gong with Zhixing Wang. She has also enjoyed practising Tai Chi, Aikido and Yoga. In 2016 she started to follow Dr Joe Dispenza's work and meditates regularly.

Besides having a great passion for using acupuncture to increase a person’s well-being, Kirsten also has a keen interest in using foods to heal external or internal complaints. Diet plays a great part in addressing a person’s imbalance in both 5-Elements and Traditional Chinese Medicine, and a course in Nutritional Therapy at the Nutritional Healing Foundation in 2004 deepened Kirsten’s understanding of the effect  food can have on a person’s health.