Nutritional Therapy

Nutritional TherapyWe are continuously offered advice through the media on what to eat and some of it appears to be conflicting. People wish to eat a healthy diet, but find some foods just do not agree with them, or certain diets do not suit their life style.

Information on diet needs to be immediate, practical, uncomplicated, and integrated with the most recent scientific research on nutrition.


Good nutrition can be incorporated easily and effectively into everyone’s everyday life.


When we understand food and how it affects the way we look and feel, and which foods give us the most benefits as an individual, it becomes easy to say yes to healthy food!


What can Nutritional Therapy do for you?

  • improve your health and energy
  • help detoxify your system
  • address a specific physical or emotional symptom
  • provide you with a diet plan tailored to your needs and life style


What happens in a consultation?

The starting point is to establish a picture of a person’s needs, life style, physical and emotional well being and energy levels. An assessment of all these factors will determine strengths and deficiencies in the individual’s diet, and result in a detailed recommendation of nourishing foods, beneficial changes in eating and cooking habits, naturopathic techniques, and exercises.


How many visits do I need?

After the initial consultation you will be asked to come back after 2 – 4 weeks, depending on the level of support you require.

Three to four visits will usually suffice to establish beneficial changes in your diet and your energy levels.


Once a person has started on a more beneficial diet, the resulting biochemical changes taking place in the body will bring about an increased awareness of one’s interaction with food. Digestion and absorption of nutrients improves, taste buds come back to life, healthy food becomes increasingly attractive and enjoyable, and you become an expert on what food is good for you!


Good nutrition may be the best investment in your future health!