These testimonials have kindly been provided by current clients.

" I have been visiting Kirsten for several years now and consider her to be a valued friend, as well as a source of great relief in times of trouble and pain. She is warm and compassionate and listens with a kind and very patient ear. Her knowledge is endless and Kirsten will always provide all-round care, giving you the tools to help yourself. I always leave on a high, with my spirits lifted and my body healed." Rachael

" I always walk away from Kirsten's sessions feeling a sense of positive change - sometimes dramatically so - as she brings things into balance. As well as her expertise as an acupuncturist, Kirsten provides a naturally calm and reassuring environment for her practice. I always sense that love is at the heart of everything she does. I feel safe in her hands." Sarah

" I decided to try acupuncture after the winter made my fingers very painful. I had 4 sessions, everything was explained very clearly and Kirsten put me at my ease. I've not had a recurrence of the problem since, and now go back on a yearly basis which I find very beneficial. I would recommend Kirsten without hesitation." Pauline

"I first tried acupuncture after being diagnosed with PCOS aged 27. The Gynaecologist could offer nothing but medication that made me feel sick, or surgery. After just 9 months of acupuncture I felt like a different person! My menstrual cycle returned to  a regular, normal pattern after years of irregularity and my moods and skin improved drastically, too. I now look forward to my seasonal treatment with Kirsten like I would to a special treat! She always has a kind word to say and I come away revilalised and rebalanced. If I feel unwell now Kirsten is my first call of port rather than my GP. Worth every penny!" Kathryn

"I would like to tell you that you are one of the nicest and kindest persons I have had the pleasure to meet! Thank you for all the support you have given and for the times I have felt the world to be a better place when I have walked out of the clinic!" Yvonne